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Agile pocket guides 
for tours along the coast

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East coast of Liguria
from Genova to Moneglia

The east coast of the city of Genoa is characterized by the variety and uniqueness of sites of interest. 

This territory, although in many stretches urbanized, still preserves environments of great natural value protected within protected areas. Equally valuable are the historical and architectural importance, both within the settlements and isolated in beautiful natural scenery. 

The perspective from the sea allows you to appreciate this context in a unique and fascinating way.

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East coast of Liguria
from Deiva to Montemarcello

The easternmost part of the Ligurian coast, which coincides largely with the province of La Spezia, is one of the most spectacular and famous rivieras in the Mediterranean. As a destination for an important flow of tourists, this coast still reserves surprises for those who reach it from the sea paddling. 

Canoeing into the small port of a village in the Cinque Terre or along a jagged cliff, otherwise inaccessible, is in fact a unique and memorable experience.

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