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Palms Riviera

from Vado to Varigotti

Kayak tour in the Marine Protected Area and around the island of Bergeggi

Over time, in order to protect the natural environment of this stretch of coast, the Regional Nature Reserve (1985), the Marine Protected Area (2007) and the Special Conservation Areas of the Noli - Bergeggi seabed and the Bergeggi Island - Punta Predani have been established. The respect of the norms of fruition of these important natural sites is fundamental to maintain the ecosystem, as well as being guaranteed by a strict control. 

The coast between Vado and Varigotti is one of the most spectacular stretches of the Riviera di Ponente with seaside villages of great historical and artistic value, now popular tourist destinations. To the west of the large commercial port, which with its quays and large logistics platform stretches out towards Savona in the arch of the sea closed by Capo Vado, extends the long beach of Bergeggi ideal boarding point for an excursion in this part of the Riviera delle Palme in the west direction. The beach of arena and pebbles rises after a kilometer in a jagged cliff at Punta delle Grotte where, as the name suggests, there is a large sea cavity.The next cape Maiolo borders the beach of Spotorno to the west, while it looks southeast to the islet of Bergeggi. The rocky island has high cliffs and a thick Mediterranean scrub at the top. The island is dominated by the ruins of an ancient tower, perhaps a lighthouse, while among the vegetation on the coast you can see the church dedicated to St. Eugene, now restored, but of early medieval origin. At the end of the circumnavigation and back to earth, we proceed along the beach of Spotorno to Capo Vescovado, which introduces the fishing village of Noli. The excursion continues along the high vertical cliff of Capo Noli characterized by cavities, ravines and cracks both at sea level and on the wall. The Aurelia state road follows the cliff at the edge of the sea, passing the head with a sinuous path carved into the rock until it reappears with viaducts and embankments above the coves of Testue, Malpasso and the Bay of Saracens, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. A few paddle strikes and you reach the pier that protects the beach of Varigotti, an ancient fishing village, now a popular tourist destination.

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The coast from Punta Vado to the village of Varigotti along the coast of Bergeggi, Spotorno and the ancient Maritime Republic of Noli

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